The rumblings of a movement

Harsh Maskara
3 min readMay 4, 2020

We are all pieces dancing together in the ether. Some dance slowly, others pick up the pace while there are some who have their own rhythm. Either ways, a dance is inevitable. So, what happens when a piece steps out of the dance and stands still. The other pieces try to compensate for the missing dance by adding moves to their own repertoire. However, while this may work for some time it is not a long lasting strategy. Eventually, there arises the demand for the missing piece and this demand first starts as a small voice and then slowly rises to a crescendo where there is a loud voice requesting for the piece to resume dancing.

Now, the missing piece has to answer some serious questions. Does it wish to continue with the dance as the other pieces do or does it wish to start a new dance by itself? Sometimes, it may be more worthwhile to start a new dance which will eventually attract some more entities who will let go of the previous dance. However, these are difficult choices for which there are no easy answers. Ultimately the piece has to determine what is more important itself — to modify the status quo or to change the framework itself.

Let’s try and understand what could happen if the piece were to start a new dance which would change the framework itself. A new dance is a new language in itself and creating a new language is difficult. It is challenging not only from the point of view of the creator but also for participants who are drawn towards the new dance. The fundamentals of languages may be the same to a certain extent but any elaboration involves complexity and subjectivity.

What then is the purpose behind a new dance? Can’t one simply continue with minor changes in the status quo? Not a chance, we are meant to evolve and explore new territories. If we were to indeed continue with the status quo then we wouldn’t have such creative reserves at our disposal. These exist so that we can attempt to move towards the horizon and bring it closer to our self. There may be challenges that come up in the process but that is part and parcel of life and what it means to grow.

A new dance is exciting. It comes with its own set of intricacies and challenges for it to spread. Initially, there is little discussion around it and then as it spreads, the chatter begins. At first, there is some talk and chit-chat about it before some people start to swing with it. This is the hybrid phase when there is much intermingling of dance, culture and music. Out of all this mix and match, a new language emerges. This language stands out from what had existed before it and tantalizes people, teases animal species and attracts birds. All conscious beings become part of the new dance and it soon spreads like wildfire.

Bit by bit, changes begin to be seen and observed. There seems to be a certain unison in which living beings seem to be going about their daily activities. It almost looks as if there has been a reset button pressed and living creatures have decided to change their way of life. The air is cleaner, one can hear the birds chirp away, man is humbly working from his home and the great rivers are flowing with pure water. However, this is simply the beginning of the new process. Time will tell what happens once this initial storm passes by and man decides to venture out again. However, one thing is for certain, society is witnessing one heck of a movement.

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